I recently recieved a guitar that has a EMG solderless system installed with passive HZ4 pickups/ anyone know if the solderless system is compatible with seymour duncan pickups? or do i have to uninstall it?
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Are you planning to replace just one of the EMG HZs or both?
As long as your EMG PUs are passive, they work with any other passive PU as normal.
If you're only replacing one of them and want the job to be easy, you can simply clip off the connector on the EMG you want to replace, leave enough wire to solder it to the regular PU, plug it in and have fun. But watch the wire colors!!!

Of course you could do this also when changing both PUs but the solderless system is not very modification friendly (coil tap switches etc) and replacement parts (when a pot is getting noisy for example) are expensive.
When changing both PUs I recomment to do a complete re-wiring of the guitar. If you're not planning any wild switching configurations, you will find a lot of diagrams on the internet. Again, watch the different wire colors.
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I don't recall ever seeing a solder less Seymour Duncan pickup. You'll need to solder in the SD's.
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Like offspring said, duncans are not really compatible with the solderles system, you will at least have to cut of the connector and solder the correct wires together. Also, check if the pots are appropriate for the duncans. I think that it would be easier to just get new pots and solder the whole thing together than messing with the emg system. And that way you can sell them for a better price since you are giving the full system anyway.
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