Trying to really get fluent at alternating strings during solos.

No problem alternating strings during rhythm but in some solos that really shred while alternating strings I notice it isnt as fluent.

Now if I am legatoing its no big deal but shredding every note it does get a bit messy.
Especially in children of bodom's solo In Your Face after he does those pentatonic box string bends.


Any tips about doing this? almost like tremolo picking alternating strings but making sound fluent
How accurate is your timing? A good approach is to record yourself performing the exercise and listen back critically. Many times timing and coordination of the two hands are the issue but it can be hard to spot without listening to a recording of ourselves. If it is a timing issue, try simplifying the exercise into:


and get this perfect to a metronome. Then try:


- and get this perfect to a metronome.

Gradually build it back up to the full exercise focussing on perfectly accurate timing.
I'd always start playing a pattern like that will pull offs until i can get the timing and speed right, then try to pick each note once you get it right