Well, I've previously posted it as an RSE-generated preview and it got a decent amount of comments, but I decided to post as a tab as well. I've made slight adjustments since, but it's basically the same stuff.
I love it, a bit simple/easy but definitely catchy and puts many neo-classical guitarist composers to shame. Just played it and it's really fun to play, with real instruments it'd be one awesome song.
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im not really used to neo-classical stuff on here, so ill try my best

the song kinda drags on a bit. try adding some more variation. preferably in the drums (which by the way, were very minimal). also, is this an unfinished version? because it feels like its missing a lot of body. it would help the track if there was more use of the strings, just at a lower and more subtle volume. lastly, the chord you ended on was a bit awkward, kinda leaves the listener hanging

thats just all the negative stuff i have to say (the more critical opinions). as a whole i actually liked it. i wouldnt call it prog, since its much more neo-classical. thats not a bad thing though! like i said earlier, i dont see very much of it on here. keep up the good work man!
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PatrekurÖrn: Thanks, glad you liked it!

pAWNlol: Thanks for the crit'.

Well, I'm no drummer. I kind-of just threw these together. I just aimed at complementing its rhythm, which I think it does OK. Regarding the strings - As you can see I put them at specific spots. I didn't try to get all of it too "airy", other then some parts. It's rather finished, though I do want to possibly move around the piano at the V-modulated theme .
About the last chord - That's actually the effect I wanted. The song is basically built around Eb minor, but as you can see the chords deceivingly allude to Bb minor. It just doesn't resolve like that.

About the definition - Yeah, it's not exactly traditional prog (that's why is said "progish?"), though I wasn't sure if to call it neo-classical.
Definitely worth recording your stuff if you have more like this.
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I remember this song. Yeah, really nice. IIRC, I suggested you to improve the drums in one of the threads (you posted a link to a Youtube video). So if you are going to record this, get a good drummer to record the parts. But otherwise, sounds good.

The bar 19 is OK but doesn't sound perfect. Try doing something with the harmonies. Especially the way the bar ends doesn't sound that great.

130-145 sounded great. Pay attention to voice leading on bar 145. Especially the leap from 12th fret to 16th fret on the high E string doesn't sound that great. The chords in that bar are basically D#sus-D# so IMO it would sound better if you tried avoiding this kind of leaps. So in this case, don't move common chord tones.

Yeah, and I remember that I also talked about the way the bass moves in the intro. I still think it could be improved. Change the last bass note before the augmented chord to something else. Again, it's about voice leading. You may also want to change the note on your B string before the augmented chord. I mean, the augmented chord and the first chord in the 4th bar have two common notes. C# major - Aaug would sound fine. So maybe change the chords to C# major-C#/E#-Aaug. Do something with it.

It's about voice leading.

At least try these things. This is just my opinion and it may sound better my way but it may also sound better your way. They are just improvement ideas.

But yeah, that's pretty much all that I would change in the song. Otherwise it sounded awesome.
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