Cool video man! It's got an 80's metal feel to it!

Tight playing with some interesting rhythms. I liked your rhythms + tones through out. The leads compliment the track. Technically it was very very tight and on the spot.

The only criticism I would give to you would be on the vocals/lyrics - not quite sure whats off, but the energy could be better there.

All in all, a great, tight, technically sound track! Kudos!

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Thanks for checking out my stuff earlier.

The song is pretty solid. Not exactly death metal, but it has an great anthem quality to it. The guitars are raw, and sound like an early 90's metal tone. That solo definitely had a Randy Rhoads influence in it. The lyrics are obviously meant to be cheesy (I hope), but I'm not sure how I feel about the singing. Some parts seem to fit, but the overall style of the vocals could be a little edgier in my opinion.

The video was pretty cool. I only noticed halfway that the drummer was using mallets, and I actually laughed out loud.
Tight band and a quality production. I like the contrast of the section at 2:10. Arrangement-wise, there are lots of small details that make this interesting, like the subtle noise during the starting couple seconds that sounds like a string section playing a quiet chord on a distant TV. Also the level increase during the "more, more, more" lyric when the knobs are turned on the Boss pedal and amp head. Hot guitar solo at 2:40. Good clarity in the instruments all around(I'm listening on KRK V6s in a treated room). Vocal sounds lo-fi in comparison to the instruments but maybe that's what you wanted.
You know, that's not what I would call death metal.

The vocals are rather weak.
I really enjoyed the guitar, though the solo sounds a little bit sloppy, maybe that was your intention?
The video was really fun. By the way, that's what I call an awesome drummer.

Great production and composition quality, man, not much to point out.

Keep it up!
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: now I know Snickers (the ultimate destruction) were created by the Devil! Vocals are too heavy for my taste, but instrumentally I think it's all well done! The video looks professional, and some surprising smattering of humor for a heavy band. Band is playing tight. Don't let that devil get your soul!
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Hey man. I like the tune, it's a proper stomper. I personally would have enjoyed a little more melody playing in or around the verse and chorus sections, as the best bits of the track in my opinion are in the interlude where there's a bit more separation between the two guitar parts playing. I also agree with others that the vocals were perhaps lacking a little something. These are just small nit-picks really though, and overall I was very impressed - especially with the video, that kept me watching as well as listening! I also thought the drummer was awesome, and the guitar solo was punchy and fast - just how I like it

I've just popped up my first song here, an improvised solo guitar piece, that I'd love to get your opinion on. The link is below. Thanks in advance!

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Enjoyed the video, some of the shots and angles you used on the bass and guitar in particular we're great, especially with the slow moving strings. The video had a raw quality to it which went well with your track.

The graphics with the volumes/gains were well done.

Your song was good, the production was tight and all the instruments were clear. I got a bit of an 80s thrash kind of feel with the death metal influence in there aswell.

Keep the music and videos coming!

C4C - Please could you check out the guitar playthrough video for my first track over at this link https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1656598.

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