Wow, I haven't been in these forums for a while! UG is still my homepage so I thought I could still get away with posting our song

The band is Ape Apocalypse. We just finished recording our album and made this video from footage of our Japan tour.

Have a look! Thanks!

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Thanks for the crit of my guitar play through and the positive words!

I like the raw mixing style you guys have, its captures the energy of your live shows and atmosphere you build with the crowd which you can see from your videos. Your video was well done with the various camera angles and from within the crowd also. The videos were really good fun, to be honest, with the public pranks and stuff.

Good stuff guys, look forward to hearing some more stuff from you!

Thanks, M
Thanks for the crit!

Checking out the first vid, I dig this stuff! Gives me a feel of The Twisting Tarantulas! Just all around fun music to listen to. Makes you want to get up and move. Everything sounds great and like Morphitis said, the raw mixing goes really well with the video. Really fun stuff, dude!

The second vid is pretty good. I loved Conquest of the Planet of the Apes so this is really good stuff. You captured all the great moments of the humans downfall and the oppression of the apes and with a great track backing it up. I like how it builds up nice and slowly to get to the end which was just great. Good stuff, dude!
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Checked out the comments above and they basically agree with me, loving the raw, rock n roll sound you guys have - it suits the music perfectly. Loved the clips too, they look like so much fun! I found the group vocals really interesting, again they suited what you guys are doing.

Thanks for the kind words for 'Translation,' looking forward to hearing more from you guys
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Catchy guitar parts in playing and sound quality - an interesting combination of guitar-driven elements in it. The performance has a lot of energy and definitely a live take feel that suits the song. The mix is nicely balanced in my monitoring room. I like the dance floor vibe - some audience sound would have been good added to it as well. You can get sound files like that at Sounddogs - all kinds of ambient and sound FX stuff. Maybe you've seen that site already given the type of vids you're doing. The lyrics of the song - I know they comes across as joking with the masks and all but actually they're kind of philosophical.
Thanks for checking out our songs and the kind words!

I'm glad you guys appreciate the raw mix style. We actually upset a producer friend of mine by not recording with him but he's a hip hop guy and it would have sounded totally different. I'm sure it would be good too but not what we wanted.

We recorded all the instruments (including the drummer's "2, 3, 4" ) live off the floor to get as close to a live feel as we could. At first, we were focusing too hard to play it "right" that we were sounding pretty bland. Focusing on not messing up and to be honest, not having any fun. After a beer break or two, we loosened up and our singer's wife says, "you guys actually sound better when you move around." Makes sense! How can we play this stuff and stand still??

Tim, that's a great idea about adding crowd sfx! Our original plan was to just make a video of that show so we had a bunch of cameras going. Unfortunately, the audio didn't turn out on any of them and we just finished recording the album so it was a no-brainer.

We recorded 14 originals and 2 covers so I'll post more as they come. Cheers!
Thanks for your comments on mine!

This stuff is amazing hahaha the bass in the first song sounds really good, sounds very punk rock but I can hear some good bluesy bits in it as well which is always nice. I really don't have anything bad to say about it to be honest, it's got a really clear and professional sound to it as well which I think is the most important part to recording your own song.
This is some pretty sweet music, really thoughtful and good writing. I enjoyed the videos a lot! There isn't much negative I have to say, it think this stuff is great! Nice job