Hey guys, I've been playing for 8 months now, and I'm able to play paranoid Blacck sabbath and Iron man ( Solo Included ) I'm thinking of moving on to Phantom of the Opera or The Four Hosemen. For someone who has been playing this long, am I any good? Or really bad? Or just average ? I've been asking this question to my self, I do understand that people learn at their own pase, but I have to know. Thank you.
Telling us what you think you can play is meaningless...the only way anyone can give you some kind of answer is if they can actually hear or see you play.

There's often a big difference between how well you think you're playing compared to how well you're actually playing.
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Record yourself playing. Often, while you're playing you don't notice mistakes. Listening back might make them more obvious.

That and it allows you to put your recording on the Internet for other people to listen to, and thus give advice.
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