You guys are super talented.

I mean this in the nicest way possible: It`s a genre of music that isn`t really my thing, but you guys definitely can play and had me listening to each song all the way through.

That was pretty cool. Well done.
Hello there.

This gave me a very Primus feeling. You guys are obviously very talented. There seems to be quite a lot going on musically in the tracks without becoming over busy and conflicting.

27 Foot Walleye - The general feel of the track was good. I felt that part of the instrumental went on for too long - it kinda lost my interest until around 4:30 where it changed significantly. Other than that it was very good.

Underwater Spaghetti Dinner Part I - I really liked the intro to is one. The lead guitar parts created a really cool vibe.

Ole Salt Creek - This had a cool funky vibe going on. The bass line really impressed me and the use of wah pedal on the guitar didnt break any new ground but did create a good classic funky sound.

Spaghetti VI - For some reason this one didnt really grab me. It was well composed and played, it just didnt really do anything for me. Personal preference I guess.

On the whole this isnt really my chosen style to listen to (excepting a healthy appreciation for the mighty Primus) but it seemed very well done. Had I heard one of those tracks on the radio I wouldnt have thought it sounded amature or not worthy of airtime.