Hey all,

I've just recorded a 12 bar blues track.

The lead's done with a new set of pick ups I just got - Lace Holy Grails.

Do let me know what you think of both the lead and the backing track - its a 12 bar blues with a few chord subs and a suitable (I think) bassline.

Anyways, check out the track and leave a link for me to get back to you on!


Track: Tragedy

Link: http://youtu.be/RwOySN5Tcmg
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The solo seemed ok to me but the sound buzzes too much to be enjoyable to listen.

Some more bass frequencies on the guitar wouldn't hurt!
Let's get the negativity out the way first. Like others have mentioned, there's too much clipping in the lead guitar. You should read up about clipping distortion, and learn how to prevent it. Prevention starts in the way you record it.

That being said, the actual tone of the lead is incredible. It sounds like the neck pickup of a Strat, but a little sharper. Your playing is also pretty good. A good blues solo is about switching off between teasing a couple of notes here and there, and then erupting into some classic blues licks, and then going quiet again. You seemed to have gotten that. The backing track serves its purpose, but isn't that interesting.

Overall, it's something I would like to hear playing in an old-school pool hall.

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Major Problem (Minor Solution). My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.