I was thinking of setting a guitar on fire... and after charring it pretty good, putting a satin lacquer over it. Now... The guitar in question is a neck through, so I was thinking... how do I protect the neck...

Also... What do you guys think in general of the idea? The guitar is basically worthless otherwise. It does play well.
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Charring a guitar is only something that looks good if it's done very, very carefully. Do not go overboard or you risk making the guitar look awful.

Being a neck through guitar, you can't protect the neck unless you fireproof it with a blanket or something. idk this sort of thing is rarely done with neck through guitars. It's usually only bolt-on's.

What is the guitar?
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Use a blowtorch, and gently. If you set the entire guitar on fire, you're likely to screw up any glue that's susceptible to heat softening. You can char the surface and the glue will be fine. Just don't hold the blowtorch on any one spot too long.
I agree with dspellman. You use a torch so you can carefully put the burns on it.
hell this is something we did in grade school art class
after charring a piece of wood we would lacquer the crap out of it.
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yep blow torch is the way to go

I set one on fire using thinners and it starts to crack really quickly if you aren't careful ... I wanted a certain look so the splitting was something I wanted

put a coat of lacquer on top and the final coat was more a dusting coat so it didn't gloss up