For those of you who have tried them, is there really much you get in the 3100 that you don't get with the 3010?

Most of the 3100s are actually 3100"M" at the moment, and running about $399 (vs. The 3010SE at around $329).

The extra $70 gets you a full-thickness (3/4") maple cap. That used to be a significantly more expensive option. The 3010SE has a 1/16th" veneer of maple.
You also get multi-layer binding on the body (single layer binding on the 3010SE), a Graphtech NVS2 bridge with string saver saddles (standard Agile Whatever bridge on the 3010SE), Mother of Pearl on the 3100M vs abalone inlays on the 3010SE (preference item). I'm not sure what the neck is on the 3010SE (maple? multipiece mahogany), but the 3100M is single piece mahogany.

My personal preference is for the 3100M; it seems a bit better built to me, and I like having the full maple cap (same as the top end Gibson LPs). Certainly nothing wrong with the 3010SE, of course.

If you buy a case, I'd recommend the $65 EGC-300LP over the 200. More than worth the nine bucks extra. I have both cases (I had to get the 200 at a time when only the 200 had the extra length necessary for one of their 24-fret AL2000 Floyds).
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I have been doing the same research as well on the two models. The 3010 is only offered in one finish now. Some people get the 3010 and 3010 se confused or think they are the same. They are not. The 3010 non se is much better than the 3010se. It has better hardware, nut and a better quality top. The above poster mentioned the 3010se in his response to yours but the 3010 is much better and maybe the best value in agiles line. I know this is an older thread but just wanted to chime in. I am leaning toward a 3010 myself as I do not like nickel hardware so that rules out the 3100 and above for me.