I'm looking for a chord for this progression. Play it and see if you can figure it out. It's dm a g6 and idk from there. Strumming pattern is d u u d u u for each cord and the upstrokes are just on the bottom few strings. Thanks! Might be wrong on the g6. It's the g down barred on the 2nd fret, and the 3rd fret on the e
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Dm - G6 - C - Em
F - G - C - Am

EDIT: That chord looks more like a Bm7♭13/G to me than a G6. If I'm reading it right, it looks like 320223, am I right?
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1. Tab your voicing if you're not sure.

2. Have you experimented much? What have you came up with?

3. There are 1000's of possible combinations. It all depends on what sound you're trying to achieve

^^^ Yes. If you want other musicians to work with you online, you'll need to say show some tab, give a soundcloud link to listen to, or give more detail.
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