Sups guys - I am faced with a difficult decision between these pedals. I know the Mudhoney II is more versatile because of the dual switches and boost, but besides that, what would you recommend tone/sound wise for a guitarist in a Funk Rock band that loves crunchy dirt in his riffs and pentatonic solos? I am not after high gain, but sustain and a sexy tone are imperative =P

I will be playing through a Peavey Classic 50 on a Fender American Deluxe, and I have an MXR Distortion+ and Lovepedal Amp 11 that I may either stack on top of one of these or simply sell them if the Paisley/Mudhoney sounds better.

I'd get rid of the MXR Distortion+, keep the Amp 11 and crank the living hell out of it. Out of those I would highly recommend the MudHoney II, I've had one and loved the tones, but I would also look at a Pro Co Rat2. Works very well with low level of gain, just to add a bit of nasty crunch.
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Hmm interesting. Anyone have experience using both the Paisley drive and the lovepedal? How do to they compare?