Hello All

I recently put my first track on Soundcloud (www.soundcloud.com/Morphitis) and my guitar playthrough of the track is now available on YouTube. Watch it here http://youtu.be/etHpmA-dLdo.

I'd appreciate any feedback and your views on my playthrough

cheers, M
6/4, right?

The song is amazing man, I have almost no way to critic it, everything is so spot on.

I really loved those ambiances you did like at 2:50 and at the outro, the riffs were also really nice.
Also loved to listen to a metal instrumental without all that crazy shredding.

Only thing I would change would be giving the snare more body and the kick more click on the mix. By the way, drums are also amazingly well written.

Keep up the wonderful work dude! I'm really looking forward to some more of your stuff.
Good playing Morphitis. There are some nice touches in the picture aspect of it, like at :58 when the shot goes to a soft, out of focus look when the music goes into a softer moment. Don't know why but I liked it that the guitar didn't have a cable plugged into it. I imagine that if you did, some viewers would figure that you actually recorded it out in a field sitting on a lichen covered boulder, haha. It's probably hard to decide which part you're going to hand-sync to in something like this. My only crit is that during 1:10-1:30 maybe it would be better to play the melodic lead part in the vid instead the backing part. I like the change to the from-the-headstock view that comes later.
Great song! Most of the time when guys do instrumental stuff like this, they tend to get monotonous but that definitely can't be said about this one. I gladly had to listen to this one a bunch of times. A ton of great riffs but still a real sense of cohesion throughout.

The only that caught my ear was the break down bit around the 2:00 mark. The editing sounds a bit too clean if you know what I mean. I like the stop/start of it for sure but it's a bit jarring in an artificial way. Like all of a sudden in my head, I could see the waveforms in ProTools being trimmed. A very, very minor thing in a great song. Clearly, a lot of time went into this. Fantastic.

Now you've got the beginnings of a great video too. Lone wolf on the mountain. The song goes in a lot of great directions. There's a story to be told there.

Cheers, man! Really enjoyed that.

I'd love a crit of my stuff too if you get a chance. Thanks!

Awesome work man, loved the tone and the mix. As far as the composition goes, I loooooved it for the same reason that I love the music of guys like Keith Merrow; it wasn't about how many notes you could play, it was about style and expression and you kept it tasty the whole way through.

If I'm rambling, its because I enjoyed it so much. Will definitely be following your music from now on man.
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Excellent work sir. Nice, punchy guitar. Good left/right guitar separation, the leads are creamy and hit right between the eyes (headphones...LOL). I like the buildup leading to 3:11. The only thing I would loved to have heard is a key change somewhere in there via a bridge. Hard to critique something as polished and well done as this.
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