Hey everyone

My band "Tears of Serenade" just released a new song called "left alone".

It would be awesome if you guys checked out our music clip


It's our first low budget recording and music video. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think about it

Thank you
Mein Gott, der Anfang ist sehr stark! Das ist Metalcore gemacht richtig. The video is simple, but serves its purpose. Everyone's first video should show the band actually playing their instruments. The clean singing is actually pretty good, and that's usually what I hate about these types of songs. The riffs really fit the song. Mit alles, gut gemacht (Ich kenne etwas Deutsche)

Is there anyplace I can download the song?

Here's my latest song (it's an instrumental) Major Problem (Minor Solution). My signature has a link to my other songs as well. I'd love to hear your opinion in my thread.
Vielen Dank

Your song sounds great. Instrumentals are hard to write so they don't get boring. But it sounds very dramatical and intense

We're currently focusing on the promotion for our upcoming shows and stuff and that's basically only happening on facebook, youtube and soundcloud and we didn't talk about offering it as a download yet.

But if we put it up somewhere I'll let you know If you want you can visit us on facebook and give us a like Link is in the video description. I'd really appreciate it

And thank you for your critique! It's very important for us to know where we should improve
When I saw "Metal from Germany" I was expecting some melodeath, I'm definitely not disappointed, though.

Lyrics are rather cliche, specially the subject. I wouldn't consider this a big deal, but I hope you won't end up like most metalcore bands and always write lyrics alike.

Nice the vocalist did a more manly voice, I really liked it, reminds a little bit of Phil Labonte. I'd actually like to hear more screams, though.

The transition to the clean part could be smoother if you let the guitars fade out.

You don't hold too much to your breakdowns, but still I think you could use less of it. You could treat it like a bridge, use it only once. I find that using a breakdown more than once or in a part where the song did not build up properly yet makes it really loose that "headbang" feel.

You guys need to make your harmonics squeal. Lead guitar could be a little smoother at around 4:12.
Not a fan of shredding, but I'll give the lead guitar player some props.

Drummer really has some nice stuff.

I think you guys and gal lack some energy in the video, do what Quiet Riot said and bang these heads! Other than that the video was really nice.

Almost everything I said here is more opinion than anything else. I'm actually a fan of heavier metalcore, but you guys really have talent and great musicianship. Keep up the great work!
Really enjoyed the song and the video also. I liked how the band videos were in colour but the story line parts of the video where black and white. It helped build an atmosphere.

The contrasting vocals between growls and the clean singing in the chorus parts was great and the change in dynamics around 3:45 which then built into your solo was great. Also the drum sound is huge, love the way the snare sounds.

I'd really appreciate if you guys could check out my first track and guitar play through at this link http://youtu.be/etHpmA-dLdo. Let me know what you think!
Thanks for the feedback

Wow I think instrumentals are always hard to write. It's a small line between awesome and boring when you listen to those kinds of songs but your track sounds really great!

Very good composition and a good mix of dramatic and very harmonic riffs.
Also the sound of the instruments fits perfectly.
Keep it up!

Do you have a project or a band on facebook or something like that?