Background: I found this guitar on Thomann in the clearance section, marked down quite a lot from about £250 to a little over £100 (I forget what the listed price was in Euros). It was marked down a little extra from some of the other Zelinskys in there because it was also listed as b-stock, which was a bonus. Finally arrived today after an agonising 6 day wait, so I couldn't wait to tear the box open and see what I had.

First impressions: When I unboxed the guitar, it was clear from the get-go that it was gonna need some attention. The 2-point trem was raised quite a bit so the action was stupidly high, but a quick adjustment and 2 extra springs in the block fixed that. Still messing with the truss rod to get the right amount of relief to suit the action I require, but it's almost there.

Sound-wise, it's just as one would expect. Very Straty, sounds great through my Orange Dark Terror. Lovely glassy cleans and they cope with distortion and fuzz quite well, but at some point I will replace the bridge pickup with a Hot Rails or something. I like single coils, but for what my band does (idlehour.bandcamp.com), it'll need something with more balls. Trem action is nice, doesn't throw the guitar out of tune too much unless you really abuse it. Very comfortable neck, not usually a fan of gloss finished necks but it doesn't really bother me on here, very easy to get around on. I should point out that this one has a regular Strat-style kind of neck, not the Z-Glide neck that can also be found on DZPL guitars.

All in all, a great guitar for an awesome price. I've been playing pretty cheap and crappy guitars for quite a while, so it's cool to actually have a nice one now!


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Nice score. Haven't seen one of those in person.

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Nice score! How do you like the body contours?
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I love them, very comfortable. I'm in love with this thing, I can see where Dean says that he bases his guitar shapes off the body of a woman
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My tasty licks aren't going anywhere.