I hope I'm ok posting this & I have enough detail... My days of high-gain heads are coming to an end. So now I want to get a great clean sound and to use my drive pedals for fuzz/distortion.

I'm happy for the sound to break a little, but will need to be able to keep up in clubs/mid sized venues (for stage sound). Budget is max £700 if possible. Head only (needs to be a head due to living in central Lonond & having no car). That would mean I need the sound to be accepting of a potentially large range of different speaker cabs as I borrow one each show...

I plug all my pedals through the front, so not worried about effects loop. A good reverb would be nice so I can leave that off my board.

Vox AC30 heads seem to be well in my budget 2nd hand. How far can you push one in a loud live setting & still be clean? Are they worth looking at? I'd love a Fender head, but those seem out of my budget- seen a few old models, but wary of buying a 40 year old head without playing it first.

Any other suggestions in that price range? Cheers
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Any other suggestions in that price range? Cheers
Make sure the venues you play in have PA systems, or get a PA system yourself.

Then use whatever clean amp you like the sound of.

Also the AC30 might as well be the loudest amp ever.
You could get an AC50 or AC100 (if you can find one) if you like that kinda sound.
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Hard to find likely, especially in the UK, but i've read about Sunn Beta leads, they are supposed to have very high headroom, (150+ watts) and get great volumes without breaking up. Also, apparently they take pedals very well.

My vote, in terms of the clean tones i'd like, would most likely go to a Fender, or maybe some other more boutique companies such as Two Rock & Matchless (only really heard base tones from these companies, can get a really lovely jazzy clean sound from them).
Vox AC30s make for loud 30 watts, but I still prefer more headroom. My rule of thumb is 50 watts or more if I'm playing with a full band (e.g. at least one other guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer), but I like my cleans to be pristine.

Is your heart set on a single channel? I imagine that it can't hurt you to have multiple channels if it has good clean capabilities.
Get the AC100 with EL34's then.
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Find a Randall RM100 and load it up with clean modules. You can have yourself three different types of cleans. You can have yourself Vox and Fender and still have a spare slot for something else, say Hiwatt or Lonestar. You see them go for that sort of money used all the time.
Sure it's not a single channel amp but you can use it as one. In my current band I only use one module in mine. You will be able to change it down the track if you get bored with it.
Here's two third party companies that make modules. Take a look at what they have available and you'll see what I mean.

I have modules from both of them. Good shit.

Here's one. It doesn't have a clean module per se although the Plexi module will give you very nice cleans if you keep the gain down.
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Fender bassman or traynor yba-1 would be cool. Not sure what those go for over there.

I use a bassman and it has plenty of headroom for gigs. But you can crank it for some sweet break up tones as well.
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musicman has some hybrid heads. i have a 2x12" and it does well, SS pre and for post amp is tube. pretty cheap overall. i really like mine. then if you really want to spend some money and send it to fuchs.
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Thanks everyone, some interesting things to check out.

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Is your heart set on a single channel? I imagine that it can't hurt you to have multiple channels if it has good clean capabilities.

Not exactly, but I currently use a single channel amp live and it's what I'm used to. I still want get a heavy sound, but other multi channel amps that I'm accustomed to (Mesa, 5150, Rockerverb, JCM900 & 2000) don't get a tone that I want in a drive for my own sound. The JCM900 more so, but I find it a little bright. So I don't really want to get an amp with channels that I'm not likely to use.

I've found a few Fender heads (couple of Showmans & a Bassman), and an Orange OR120, in my price range so I'm going to see if I can try some of them out. There's also a crazily cheap AC30, but listening to videos I just don't think that's the sound for me.
As a part of become other musical instruments such as violin and drum I would like the 50-60watts.