Hey guys, as most of you know Facebook has pretty much cut all reach for pages that don't pay for ads. Well that's where I can help. I have a page that is all about music. It isn't very large now but with the help of others we can help more and more people. Simply message us and say you want some help and we will share you page as many times as you share ours! That simple, free advertisement for us both!
Erm, you know you're posting that on UG right? Which is probably the largest guitar community on the web. Why would anyone here go to some shit facebook page?
Because it's the largest guitar community on the web and has the most potential for reach. You basically answered your own question.
Hello, welcome to Ultimate-Guitar.com...


...where we do not allow free advertising for your business/product/music by spamming them with threads.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.