Let you know my situation. I am a lead guitar player in a melodic Metalcore/metal band. I have been searching for a new Head. I really like the mesa rectifier sounds and cleans (I do use clean channel regularly) but I mostly use distortion channels. I am new to the whole pedal board and pedals. I come from a history of spider half stacks where all I used was a fbv shortboard with my custom tones preset on my A,B,C,D channel selects. I am wanting more from amp. I sold my spider head and am looking for a upgrade. I will list current amps I am considering:
Mesa Boogie Dual Recto
Mesa Boogie triple recto(yes I know it's wattage thing)
Line6 Spider valve hd100(and to add a note I still have the shortboard)
Mesa Roadster

Now before you say "6505+ or EVH 5153"
I have tried multiple 6505s whether it be plus or not and a few 5153s
I like the distortion (not near as much as the mesas, but the cleans are not something to brag about on these amps, I wasn't impressed)

Now to explain why I added the SV I playedon one for about 2 hours, it took me some time but I dialed in some tones I really liked both distorted and clean, but I will add it was a pain. But since I still have my FBV it sold be convient to just plug up and chip away at selecting presets.

The ony down side I see on the mesa heads is I will have to buy a couple pedals like the basics: wah, reverb, delay, and boost. Which is no big deal but then I'd have to research and play around with a few pedals to find what fits my needs.

Pretty much I just want to hear y'all's feed back. See if I'm looking at this the right way. I really am leaning on the mesa recto side, cause good lord do I like the tones I can get from that machine. And before I forget my budget is $1500. Thanks guys
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if you like the recto get the recto

a tubescreamer or similar will be handy to tighten up/saturate its distortion channel
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If you can get a Recto, get a Recto. If I remember right the more popular one is the Dual Rec, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming you're in the US? Take a look online at Guitar Centers used stuff. I see used Rectos online fairly often, and they seem to go for $1000 or $1100.

Also, if you're not too concerned about possibly getting it shipped, look at amps on Reverb dot com. Its almost like an ebay, but for musicians (mainly guitarists though).

For pedals, I would look into getting a Tubescreamer type overdrive like a Digitech Bad Monkey (for cheap) and a delay like a Boss DD-3, 6, or 7. I have both the Bad Monkey and DD-6, and use both with my Mesa Boogie Mark V, and both are quite good at what they do.

Happy gear hunting
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i love recs. IMO the best in the lower priced range is the dual rec two channel. the three channel models don't sound as good IMO i had the luxury of having them both next to me at GC, both also were on the cabs after i had a guy move them around, the 2ch was just all around better, clear less fizzy, and was just better

i haven't played a Road King, but i would love to play one, but i don't have the funds to justify it. supposed they are a god send.

i have a tremoverb. i love it. its a two channel dual rec with tremolo, but the channels are voiced slightly different. i like it more than the standard rec.

i paid like $760 and its mint. also mine has the twin voicing for channels but i have a blues selection. however both of mine are on set dirty.

i recomend reverb.com as well. i don't have much faith in GC's used. i have had two different issues and thats it for me.
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