So has anyone ever owned or owns a BC Rich Bich? I love the shape, but I've never played one. Are they worth buying?
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Back in the 1970s, B.C. Rich guitars were known for outstanding quality, complicated on-board circuitry, and radical shapes. The "Bich" was sort of the culmination of that approach - it was as weird-looking as anything most guitarists had seen, and it was all B.C. Rich: crazy design, lots of knobs and switches, and very exotic (for that time) woods for the body. Some of them had "extra" strings, which was truly weird back in those days. It was also very expensive, and these things did not endear the guitar to a lot of guitarists. It was not a big hit.

When B.C. Rich went mainstream and began having their guitars made largely overseas, the Bich became available at far lower price ranges, and it had some following among the Hair Metal acts of the 1980s - particularly in the rock videos that were the big thing in the 1980s. The lower-priced versions do not compare in quality, workmanship, or materials to the U.S.A.-made custom shop B.C. Rich guitars, and AFAIK, you can still get the radical Bich from the custom shop. In any of its incarnations, it is clearly meant to be a stage guitar that is designed to turn heads. It is by no means a comfortable design to sit down and play with it.

While the custom shop versions are of outstanding quality, do not expect one to hold its value. The U.S.A.-made Mockingbirds from the 1970s often command premium prices, but not so the 1970s/1980s U.S.A.-made Bich. It just does not appeal to a lot of guitarists. But if you love it, hey; go for it. All that truly matters is if you love it.

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have owned a Bich and a Mockingbird over the years and currently have an Eagle. as for whether it's worth getting it depends on which series you are talking about. the lower end stuff is just ok. the neck thru stuff is usually pretty decent. the necks and fingerboards tend to be kinda fat so keep that in mind
I have played some BC Richs over the years, they are nice gutiars but definetly have a quite thick neck and a very ''dark'' tone in general, keep that in mind.
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