So in a live performance of this song, the dude tells a story about people driving all day for just a cup of tea or a beer, and imagines that they'd drive a lot further for a booty call.

How far would you go for a booty call?
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I'd probably get a train to the next couple of towns or walk about an hour but nothing more than that.

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I've biked to the other end of town, but that's about as far as I'd go.
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I'd walk about 200 yards, maybe.

I would walk 500 miles.
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well I would walk 500 more

in all seriousness, depends on my mood
somewhere between a 2h train ride and going across the hall
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Since I live near a campus that is 60% girls my age, probably not all that far. I'd drive like 10 miles or walk like a half hour.

Freshman year, when I was a bit more desperate, I drove across the state to get laid. Wouldn't do that again.
I wouldn't drive more than maybe 30 minutes or so, unless I was in a slow spell and pretty desperate for some booty.
I walked about 6 miles to a girls house back when I was 15. I was just happy to be getting some.

I wouldn't do that now...
5 minute walk, max.

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~ Bill Watterson

when you're into very specific things, it's a bit different

still wouldn't go far though for a girl irl that likes vore
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I'd just let my booty call come to my place. duh.
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I'd get my cell phone and make a call, then the booty would come to me.

Also I would get in a max 50km radius if the above didn't work.
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The distance I'm willing to go is directly related with how attractive said woman is.

The hotter she is, the further Ill travel and vice versa.

If she's ugly I ain't going nowhere
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I wouldn't drive more than maybe 30 minutes or so, unless I was in a slow spell and pretty desperate for some booty.

This seems reasonable
For a booty call I would have sex with someone I just met.
I know it sounds desperate, but I'm honestly willing to go that far.
Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo

Just one time, or something extended?

Completely changes the question
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meet in the middle at a bathroom in walmart
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