Hi all. I've had this account for a looong time, but I've never posted in the forums. So here's my question:

I'm currently using a Zoom G7.1ut multi-effects processor. I want an upgrade. I need versatility, since I play many different genres. I've been thinking about ditching the guitar amp and getting a powered stage monitor instead, so good amp simulations and distortion would be essential. I also play some tunes that get a bit heavy on effects like chorus and delay.

What makes me want to upgrade is that I'm looking for a better sound, and also that I've been using the pitch shifter in my Zoom G7.1ut to transpose songs to the singer's range, but while I'm using the pitch shifter on my G7, I can't use chorus, so I've been feeling limited in that area as well. I would definitely like to be able to use any combination of effects I want and not be limited like that.

With my budget I could spring for the GT-100, which I think is the most expensive one I've been looking at, but obviously, spending less would be great, if I can get better or same quality sound.

So any advice on what to buy? Honestly, I'm leaning towards the Line 6 HD500X, but I have nowhere in my town to try any of them out. I have to make do with internet reviews and such, so I'm asking here in case someone can say if I'd be making a mistake if I buy it or if I'm right on the money. Thanks in advance.
Why not look into single effects stomps? I mean you could stick with multi-FX, too but if you want to upgrade, that's the way I see it. With that budget you could get very nice stomps.
Don't overlook the g3 and g5, they're much better than the other Zoom mfxs
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I'm not going with stompboxes mainly because I need the versatility that the multi-effects provides. If I was playing a single genre, then sure, I'd give the single stomp boxes a try. However, I need to cover a wide range of sounds, and it's easier to program different delay settings into a multi-effects unit in its different patches, than to be fiddling with the settings of a single delay pedal on stage (just as an example).

I was actually set on buying the G5, but I started looking into the Boss GT-100 and Line 6 HD500X and every comparison I read online rated both of them better than the Zoom G5.
The way I understand it overall the GT-100 and HD500/500X are fairly equal, the HD's have better amp models and the GT better effects. I will say I have not been overly impressed with the OD/distortion on my HD500 but I use the amp models distortion anyway.
Well, if they're fairly equal, I suppose price would take the HD500X to the top, since it's cheaper. I also like what you say about it having better amp models. If I ditch the guitar amp and use a PA monitor instead, I would sure like to have the better amp models.
It's easier to use the pitch shifter. I know how to transpose the songs, but SOME of them sound awkward when you have to play something like a Eb and you have to play it an octave above where it should go. This is when the pitch shifter comes in handy. With others you have to do some weird digitization. Overall, it's a tool that I can use to make it all a lot easier. Also, in the bar I will be playing at, they let people sing with the band, and different singers will want different keys. All this is just to say: it's easier!
In your case, the HD500X wins hands down.
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Quote by Cathbard
In your case, the HD500X wins hands down.

Thanks for the input (and everyone who has contributed, thank you).

I don't see why using the pitch shifter seems like such a weird thing to do lol. I actually spent a few minutes only comparing the sound of the shifted chords versus the same sound without the pitch shifter (playing the same chord but transposed), and it sounds exactly the same. I don't know if it would sound the same on all multi-effects processors, but on my current unit, it works great. My band mates were skeptical as well, they thought it would sound weird, dull or "too digital" or whatever, but once they heard it, they couldn't tell the difference.
Quote by Will Lane
Pitch shifting chords? At a certain point, your strings will loose their timbre...

I usually only shift them one or two semitones. I've had no issues so far.
Using multi FX G7 is enough actually. If you want to upgrade it do but don't try to buy new one
Quote by Cathy Todd
Using multi FX G7 is enough actually. If you want to upgrade it do but don't try to buy new one

What do you mean?
Quote by Will Lane
Pitch shifting chords? At a certain point, your strings will loose their timbre...

I pitch down nearly a full octave when i want to play stuff like meshuggah on my 6 string, sounds similar to me only annoyance is hearing the guitar acousticly when a different note is coming out of my amp.

@ceal i use a boss me-70, mostly in manual mode but still does what i want it to do
I just upgraded my XT Live to a HD500X yesterday and all I can say is Wow! Modeling has improved a lot. I'm still fiddling with it as it's another learning curve, but so far everything is superior to what I'm used to. Even my acoustic is improved enough to stop running through the PA (never liked it through the XT). This is way more then what i'll ever need so pretty sure it will work for you.
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Newbie here. Just wanna ask something.
Im currently using a zoom g7..but since it kind of big. i want to change into smaller and lightr multi fx.

What zoom multi fx is better sounding with a Boss DD20?
Is it a g2.1nu? Or g2.1u or should i take g3x?

Someone pls help!?!?
If you're using the PodHD/HD500, you should probably have this bookmarked, particularly if you're doing anything with gain: http://foobazaar.com/podhd/toneGuide/

And if you're compensating for singers by using pitch-shifting, you might actually have more fun with a Variax guitar. You can run the Variax into an HD500X with what amounts to an ethernet cable, and that will allow you to change models within the guitar, alternate tunings within the guitar, amps, cabs and FX within the HD500X, all with a single stomp.

Quote by Will Lane
Pitch shifting chords? At a certain point, your strings will loose their timbre...

Depends. With the Variax, you can downtune an octave (IOW, bass guitar) with no issues. I'm not sure about the other direction (I've had it at least five full steps up on occasion).

I've got two of the older Variax models, including a 700 Acoustic, and I've occasionally tuned the two bottom strings an octave down, left the top four in standard pitch (try that with a pitch shifter pedal) and played bass with thumb and first finger while playing chords and picked melody with the other three. Sorta fun when you notice a savvy audience member or two squinting around trying to figure out where the bass is coming from.
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I saw the Variax guitars, and they're pretty awesome. I liked the one that has the dial to change your tuning on the fly. However, after buying an amp and a multi-effects, I don't know if I could spring for the Variax guitar as well. Plus, I got my eye on an ESP EC-1000... I also don't need that much of an extreme pitch change lol.