im sure some of you have heard that Northlanes vocalist Adrian, Recently left the band due to health reasons.

Anyway theyre taking open submissions and here's mine!

im open to criticism, and yes i know, im not an amazing singer.. and in my defense neither was adrian.

and to the people who thought i was using a ton of processing on my periphery cover i recently posted, there is NOTHING but compression, EQ, and some delay/reverb on the screams.

Excluding a telephone effect i put on some of the Dubs.

Pretty cool man. Assuming you can do that in a live setting I'd say it was solid. I absolutely hated Adrian as a live singer. Cool dude, but an awful singer. Best of luck
Adrian seemed to lack almost any stamina, so i really tried to show off mine. He seemed to be really yelling at the top of his lungs every night, that might sound good for one day or so but in reality someone who needs to use their voice every single night probably shouldnt be utilizing that kind of technique! haha