For the most part, signed guitars aren't worth more than an unsigned one (to me). In fact, I'd probably want to take some money off the thing. You need to hook ...er... find just the right fan if you want to get some extra money. I'm just not much of a fan boi.
Check with a memoribilia store for the value of a Zakk Wylde autograph. To a collector, your guitar will be worth that or the value of the guitar- whichever is greater, plus @0-25% of the value of the lesser.
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be prepared to be let down. look at it as a cool thing that is special for yourself.

i have two Lamb of God posters signed by the whole band, one of Shadows Fall, i have a Trivium poster somewhere. i used to talk to matt before they became successful. kind of a friend of a friend. but they are memories, i wouldn't sell them for th probably $100 they are worth, they are good memories of the time.
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Yea I was just curious... It is not going anywhere for as long as I can stand it I rarely play it due to the fact it is signed I am gonna have it cleared here soon so that the Signature does not wear off cause i miss playing my guitar as much as rd-327 or rd-227, then try to find me a good 12 string guitar but not real familiar with them as much just played one here and there.
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