I ended up moving from west coast to east coast and had to downsize on a lot of my material possessions. Bye bye amps that didn't fit in the car. I currently live with 3 other roommates and need a practice amp for low volumes.

I've been a little dumb when it comes to buying amps the past couple of years, here's a little mini review of each just so you have a comparison reference. Reviews are in regards to playing modern metal / rock and I am only an apartment guitar player.

-EVH5150iii mini/EVH 2x12 cab - My favorite amplifier if you can crank the volume. Nice aggressive channel. Low volumes rate an "ok" rating. Sounds awesome when the volume is over 1 but you either have to have cool neighbors in an apartment or a house.
-Peavey 6505+ combo - Pretty good for the price. "Poor" low volume rating. Would probably be my first choice if I only had $600, could only afford one amp, and play in a band.
-Engl E530/Rocktron Velocity - Sounds very "sterile". Lacked low end. My guitar also isn't perfect sounding so I noticed a lot of "plinking" sounds on the non-perfect fretted notes.
-Krank Krankenstein 20W - Very aggressive, "poor" low volume rating. Either on or off. Fun to play on lower registers but higher registers weren't the best.
-Vox Valvetronix VT30 - This amp sounds pretty damn good for the price. Doesn't really have a brootz modern metal setting but the heavy rock sounds are pretty decent.
-Fender Mustang III - All around pretty decent amplifier. Doesn't do anything extraordinarily well.
-Peavey Vypyr VIP I - I prefer the 6505 metal setting on this amp compared to any of the Fender Mustang III metal sounds. If I only had $130 I'd buy this amp again.
-Yamaha THR10x - The one thing I really don't like about this amp is my 1.5 mm Jazz iii pick makes tons of harmonic chirp noises playing notes. Very cool that you can play with battery power though.
-Marshall MG100HDFX - Friend gave me this amp. Didn't like it. Sounded ok with a Metal Muff pedal for distortion but wouldn't recommend this amp.

So how about the RD1H? My first impression is that it sounds amazing at low volumes. You can have the amp at lower than TV volume and actually tell that you're playing out of a tube amp. I can't say that for any of the other tube amps that I've owned. The sound/aggression isn't as crushing as the EVH5150iii. If you live in a house I'd go 5150iii, if you live in an apartment I'd go with the Diavlo. Definitely very happy with this amp and I think it's the perfect solution to getting a nice rock to metal sound (although if there was just a LITTLE more brutalness it'd be perfect) at TV volumes to yelling volumes.

The RG13 vs. the RD1H. They sound pretty similar but the biggest differences are the RG13 is solid state sounding (Duh. Not necessarily a bad thing.) and it has way more EQ options. The Diavlo does rock to metal pretty damn good and I'm thinking if you need something different then the RG13 is going to get you there - i.e. Djent, not sure if the Diavlo would do that well. I'm still playing around with the RG13 as a standalone amp, a pedal in front of the RD1H, in the FX loop of the RD1H and using the RG13 straight into the return of the FX loop in the RD1H.

One large complaint: No headphone jack on either amps. Awful sound out of the RG13 power amplifier output with headphones and it's only through the left side (makes sense it sounds awful, not cab simulated). Maybe I'll try buying an XLR to 3.5 mm and see if there's enough power for headphones. I may keep my THR10x for the headphone jack and portability to solve this problem, although I like the Peavey Vypyr VIP I headphone sound better.

The 1x12 cab is loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30. Sounds good but both the RG13 and Diavlo have a little bit of fizziness (which makes me think it's the cab, not the amps). I'm guessing the cab needs to be broken in as everyone online suggests. Heavy (46 lbs shipping weight) but sturdy. The handles are a nice touch.

Overall very happy and I feel I can finally stop tone searching for an apartment friendly amplifier. I'd probably buy either the RD1H or the RG13 (with the RD1H being better) again, not both, but maybe I'll find a nice use for the RG13 as I get to use it some more.

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