If you're reading this then obviously you're perusing the Pit, which means you could be doing more useful things with your life.

So why not take a few minutes and look at the Promote Your Band section of UG and check out a few tunes and leave some feedback? Way too many threads there have 0 replies which is not cool considering the time and effort some put into recording their own music and getting it out there. It would mean a lot to them.
The new solo project, and spiritual philosophy... Album out now !
hybrid 6.0
Debut album 'Silent Destruction' out now
Read the Two Guys Metal review here
And while your at it, look at the recording forum too. and please like everything on soundcloud too. and dont forget to subscribe on everyones youtube channel as well. not to mention bandcamp, or dare I say it... the new MYSPACE?

My Soundcloud

My beginner rig:

Epiphone Goth G-400 SG
Line 6 Spider IV (Don't judge me, I was young and stupid)
Stagg SW203N
Yamaha APX500
hey I look at it once a week to delete all the spam and sometimes listen to the tracks okay?

“There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
~ Bill Watterson

It's over simplified, So what!

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I'm going to be on top of what is called a knob
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Big ones can be fun in some ways but generally, they are a pain in the ass.
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I don't know what is going on in this thread or why I have an erection.
I don't even like music.

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
I'd rather go and make new music myself, for people not to listen in turn.
Name's Luca.

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I don't know anything about this topic, but I just clicked on this thread because of your username :O
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Clue: amplifiers amplify so don't turn it on if you need quiet.
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I guess spambots are now capable of reading minds.