Selling my lightly used Ibanez RG420EG Spider Black solid-body electric. Bought it new in 2008, but Ibanez no longer makes this design so now's your chance to own a rare artifact of history. Asking $420 or best offer.

I played this thing in a few metal bands and escaped with only a few minor dings. Comes with the original whammy bar, a pair of strap locks, and the original Ibanez box. Add a used Spectraflex soft-shell case for $10.

~ V7 and V8 pickups SCREAM like new
~ Edge III tremolo is still firm and bombastic
~ Hardware is just as sturdy as when I bought it
~ However doesn't come with strings

A couple chips in the paint are shown in the pictures, as well as a small fretboard knick near the 2nd fret. The stuff by the neck strap button is duct tape residue. The only other issue is the bottom strap button is somewhat stripped from the body. I feel bad about it so that's why I'm throwing in the strap locks for free.

Large pics available on Reverb and craigslist:

If you're interested let me know in a post, or email me at robxmcwilliams@gmail.com