Anyone try these? How do they compare with stock Gibson pickups; 498's, burstbuckers, 57's? I was checking them out on-line the other day and they aren't that expensive comparatively.
They are meant to be slightly hotter than a typical PAF humbucker; about on a par with the Burstbucker, I suppose. Slash has a real thing for 1950's spec Les Pauls, so his signature pickups are going to be in that vein.
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They're supposed to be a slightly hotter version of the Alnico Pro II which is kind of like the 57 Classic.
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Just curious really. Strongly considering buying an agile or epi and know I'll probably want to change out the pickups. I know the epi pickups are notorious bad but haven't tried the agile anico V's.
Actually I thought I read the latest ones are pretty good (the epi pickups I mean).
I have the slash set in my Carvin CS6. They sound great to me. They sound good through my Mesa 5/25 Express.