Hi all,

So I play my electric guitar through my computer using an M-Audio interface. I use GuitarRig on my laptop and plug in my headphones directly to the audio interface. This allows me to hear exactly how I want it to sound. However, I would like to also record a video using my webcam or my phone. I want to use Adobe Premiere or some other video editing software to link the audio to the video, but if I am using headphones then the audio will be different (i.e. clean vs. amped up).

Anyone have any good ideas for this? My only method right now would be getting it to sound how I want, then using a speaker to listen as I record so that the audio does match better (since the speaker will output the same thing as the actual recording).

To clarify, on the phone the audio is shitty quality so that's why I want to replace it with the directly recorded version.

Thanks guys!

Just do it in post-production. Sync up the video with the mixed audio recording and mute the audio from the video recording device.