Great song! I listened to it then wandered away from the computer for a bit and caught myself humming the melody. No better sign of quality than that. After the first listen, I was going to say that there could be more variety in the vocal melody and rhythm but it got stuck in my head so I'll take that comment back. I particularly like the harmony on the repeat of "to convince myself that I'm okay." Well done, sir!

C4C? Cheers!

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Hey! Great song! I really liked your vocals and the music. The acoustic sounds good! You've got a nice acoustic tone going on and you vocals fit perfectly.

The only crit I can come up with is that the lyrics could have been worked better. It's a great song and as a songwriter, you have many interesting phrases in there. However, there are some ares I think the lyrics could add more to the song.

Great track overall though. I can imagine listening to this on the radio!

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