My dad just finished building a guitar kit and we cannot figure out what is up with the intonation.

The guitar tunes up just fine, but when I fret the strings they are consistently out of tune. For example, each note I fret on the low E string is sharp by roughly the same number of hertz. Fretting notes on the other strings produces the same effect, but the fretted notes on other strings seem to be sharp or flat by a different number of hertz.

Our first thought was to look at the bridge and maybe adjust the saddles. The harmonic on the low E was a tiny bit flat but no matter how far we moved the saddle closer to the nut we still couldn't get the harmonic to change. It seems that the same problem exists for the other strings as well.

We are thinking about taking it into a repair shop to get an expert opinion. My dad and I have set up a number of guitars before so we have a decent idea of what we are doing but we have never encountered a problem like this before.

I hope that makes sense. Can anyone tell us what might be going on here? Thanks
How high is the action and how much relief do you have. A high action and excess relief can contribute to intonation issues.

Also is the kit a fixed bridge or with trem bar?
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