Okay, basically I've been building an electric guitar. Body's made of alder and I stainedthe top and back blue with dye. Some of the dye seeped through the tape and so I've been sanding it off the sides, but its taking forever! I knew it would take a long time anyway, but the problem I have is when I do sand it it makes a very fine blue dust which then seems to kinda almost go in the wood. So anyway should I keep sanding like this and occasionally blow off the dust etc or is there another way to get rid of this blue dust. As I don't really want to stain the edges because I want the edges natural, is there a better way to sand off the light blue colour.
Oh and if it helps there's now no significant dark spots of blue where it seeped through.

So if that's confusing, do I keep sanding as I'm doing or is there's better way?
You need to keep sanding really, but you're always going to have some dye that's stained through from the top, so you might be sanding forever. Try setting up a vacuum cleaner or air hose to keep the dust at bay.

In the future, rub some oil or sanding sealer into the sides and then sand the top before using a water based dye. The oil or sealer will stop dying taking to the edges.
Thanks, I will try and hook up a vacuum cleaner and then I will keep on sanding till I have no guitar anymore