I just got this a couple of days ago from my wife. It's a brand new, Fender CD 60 CE Mahoghany Electric /Acoustic which came with a case and also, a extra bridge saddle as well. Not bad for a 300 dollar guitar, huh ? It has a Fishman pickup system that has a built in tuner. Unplugged, it sounds great but, since I'm on a budge I would like to know, what would you folks recommend as a decent Acoustic amp for within the $100-$150.00 ( U.S.) price range ?
Happy New Acoustic Day looks sweet
why do you need an acoustic amp? as far as I know you probably won't get anything on that budget unless you score lucky on the used market. the ibanez troubadour amps are quite popular down here though.
I just want something small for club gigs , etc. I was thinking maybe a Fender Acoustasonic 30 or somewhere along that line. I know those aren't sold in stores anymore but if anybody has had any experiences with that amp, I'd like to hear about it. I've seen some on GC's site over on their used gear section that are within my budget range.
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