i'm non-native, so my english might be terrible....

I've owned an acoustic guitar for some years
and I play it every day.
And I've learned how to play a song from
video lesson, tab. mostly.
So I can play the song that I want to play even if it's
considered to be a bit difficult to play.
But that's all, I feel I can only play it by imitating it.

I've learned basic chords, and scales and I took
A basic music theory lesson.
But I don't really know how to use them to understand
the structure and the riff of the song.

I like nick drake, and I know how to play his song
But I feel like I'm just imitating the guy in youtube lesson video.
And of course I don't know how to improvise, and make a good melody.
What should I learn? And what should I practice?

Again excuse my english.....
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How about you pop over to www. justinguitar.com and you will find some free, or pay forward lessons that will help you answer your question. I might add, it takes some time to be able to copy or cover someones else's song, and it takes longer to be able to improvise.
Perhaps a start might be 12 bar blues. Cheers
First, congratulations. Your English is very good. Better than many Americans

Second; music is a language. You should think like that. There are many ways to say the same thing, but some people like one way better then a different way. Neither way is better, they're just different.

When you play songs, besides just speaking the words, find a way to make the words sound better. Make the words sound happy, or sound sad. Anything you want.
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Well, when you learn songs, you kind of have to imitate. Learning other people's music is imitating. But you can of course add your own twist to it. Sometimes you want to play it note for note. Sometimes you want to change it a bit. It depends on you and the purpose of learning the song. IMO it's good to learn the song first like it was originally played, and once you can do that, you can decide whether you want to change it and add your own ideas to it. There's a difference between deciding to play it in your own style because you prefer it that way (you have different options but choose the option that you prefer), or playing it in your own style because you can't play it any other way (you don't have any other options than playing it in your own style, which may not always sound good).

I would say start using your ears. Learn songs by ear. Also, improvising is a skill just like playing the guitar is. You need to learn to do it to improvise properly. So just start improvising. Good improvising requires a good ear. And you can improve your ear by learning songs by ear. You'll only learn to improvise by improvising. Of course learning other people's solos also helps, at least at building your musical "vocabulary".
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