I just wrapped up a new metal song- looking for feedback on the recording sound in particular (I'm aware there are performance opportunities!). I also just wrapped up a small ambient song that you might like. Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Did you play all instruments by yourself? The drums sound sloppy so try playing more accurately. You need to sound tight to sound heavy and IMO the sloppiness kind of ruined the song. And to be honest, it kind of started to sound a bit boring just before it got interesting again (the same riff got repeated too many times without really changing - you may want to add something else than just riffs to it). The part that starts at around 2:30 with those accents sounds cool and it really added some variety and dynamics to the song.

I would pay attention to the drums. The drumming in beginning sounded a bit random. And as I said, it sounded sloppy throughout the song. So pay attention to it. Drums also add a lot of power to the song so make sure they are played tight.

The track still sounds a bit like a bunch of ideas rather than a song. Pay attention to the transitions and try to make all ideas kind of linked to each other. Maybe use more repetition. And I don't mean that you should repeat the same idea more times. But the same idea could appear in many parts of the song. Or it could be a variation of that idea.

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It's good that you built the track around just one idea. I think it sounded pretty good. You used dynamics well and it sounded interesting all the time, even though it was really simple.
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Hey man,

I appreciate the constructive criticism! Yeah, the drums are a huge detriment- I play them myself and am definitely not a drummer. I typically don't even write metal just because I know the drums will drag down the proceedings, but I decided to take a stab at it. Any good drum machine programs you'd recommend? Hydrogen hasn't been great for me.

I also appreciate the songwriting feedback- it's not a cohesive piece by any stretch, and the lack of vocals really makes it obvious. I was spending a lot of time on the guitar, bass and drum tones since I'm new to the whole home recording thing. I like the bass tone, I think. Anyway, thanks for the thoughtful comments!
It sounds like it would be a great concept, but the beginning really sounds like a whole bunch of nonsense. When you get into the meat of the song it sounds a whole lot better, but the drums seem to go in and out of time. Practice your drumming and use a drum machine for your recording purposes until you feel you're good enough for a recording, y'know? I use FL Studio for all my recording/synth needs, but you might not want to drop that kind of coinage. That's up to you, though. I think this track could benefit from some vocals and all that and maybe a rerecord of the instruments done a little bit tighter. All in all I think this could be a really good song with some tweaking.

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This song reminds me of one of those happy/sad tracks from old school RPGs. I really enjoy this tune. It sounds simple, but it works. I feel that things don't need to always be so technical and hard to play. As long as the feeling gets across, its perfect in my eyes and this does that nicely. It feels like someone just did something beautiful for someone else and they never want that moment to end. Great stuff, dude!

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I agree with MaggaraMarine - the sloppiness of the drums really detracted from the riffs and kinda ruined the track. I use Hydrogen myself. What issues are you having with it?

The riff sarting at around 1:10 is cool and has a nice heavy groove to it. The change to the lead part around 2:45 was cool too. And I really liked the final section where the drums go kinda lo-fi and really reverby - I might even try and develop that a little further.

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I found this peaceful to listen to. I thought the drums towards the end (the tom hits) sounded a little out of place due to the sound (quite a lot of reverb and a strange eq) but overall the sound was pretty good.

Overall I would say they are good ideas that just need some tidying up.

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