Just came across that and omg its so awesome. Its all vintage equipment too.

And then I saw it was for sale: (removed)

I need this in my life. It's really cool
And it can be yours for 20k, assuming, for the sake of argument, that you didn't just create this account today to sell your own stuff. Oh wait...
Why would anyone want that? It looks like a huge pile of tech from the 80s-early 00s maybe. Just way more shit there than you need. I could put together a smaller, more effective rig for way less than $20K.

$1K for a pair of 2x12 cabs. $3K allowance is good for pretty much any amp you want. $500-1K for a MIDI/Loop controller. Just ballpark $2.5K for an Axe FX II. Throw in another $1K for a rack case and a MIDI controller.

Still realistically well under $10K. If you're thrifty you can realistically spend $6K on the rig I described.
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