I decided to refinish a stealth i bought at a pawn shop and , as i was gutting the guitar i noticed lots of cracks and chips in the guitar. i know it had a hole or two drilled into it, i am going to fill them in with wood filler, saw dust and toothpicks, or a wooden dowel, but as for the cracks im not sure whether to try and fill them in as well or just try to glue and clamp them together, some of the cracks go almost all the way through the body so i would like to keep them from getting bigger or cracking completely through. This is my first attempt at restoring/refinishing a guitar so any info or opinions would really help to fix this guitar. I also had a question about the writing where the neck bolts on i believe it has the number "3" and "3-8" written in marker, does anyone know what these might refer to?

http://s1049.photobucket.com/user/aos87/slideshow/ <---- Stealth Pics
My best guess is that 3 and 3-8 means the kind of neck they would have put on it. Maybe a difference in headstock or profile or something in production. Or hardware.

Some of those cracks are pretty deep, I wouldn't even know how to fix it. What you said might work, glue and clamp. I'd try filling it with epoxy or something if that doesn't work.
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