I am in the market for a new classical guitar coming from a Yamaha C70 which I played for 6 years. I want to get something with electronics.

I have played a La Patrie Hybrid CW at a local store and thought it sounded pretty good. This is actually the top of the line from La Patrie

At a different store I tried the NCX900FM, it didn't sound as nice (but it was in a much larger show room with a lot of background noise). This one is similar price as La Patrie.

Now I wonder whether anyone have experience with Yamaha NCX1200R compare to La Patrie. This Yamaha is an all solid wood guitar while La Patrie is laminate side. I can't find any stores in my city that has this unless I place special order. NCX1200R is significantly more expensive than the previous two. But is it worth it?