Hey guys,

I'm unsure if this is the right place to put this but here it is anyway.

I've just bought a Roland GR55 synth pedal and would preferably like to use it with my Tele, instead of my Les Paul.

I have a 3 saddle ashtray bridge, with raised edges all around, so the GK3 pickup won't go by the bridge. I'm thinking it's probably easy enough to by a new bridge/bridge plate and fit it on instead but will this alter the guitar sound, especially if i have to put screws in new places?

If not any recommendations on what type of bridge i should get? Especially to accommodate the GK3 pickup?

Thanks in advance!

It wouldn't alter the sound too terribly much, but a non-tele bridge might look silly. (I'm sure someone somewhere has a picture that proves me wrong.)

You might be able to find a tele bridge that doesn't have raised edges. If not, you could take your bridge to a metalsmith or something and have the edges taken off.

Does the GK3 pickup not reach to the neck pickup or the edge of the bridge? You could place it there.
Flat tele bridges are easy to find, here's one:


That one is made from brass, so it might alter the tone a bit compared with a tradtional steel ashtray, but a bit of searching should find a flat steel version.

You might have to redo the bridge mounting screwholes.