A few months back I posted in this thread asking for feedback on my vocals. I did Lamb of Gods 'Laid to Rest' and got some good feedback ... As in, it was a pretty bad recording and people were kind but honest and told me that it wasn't very good - but is what I was looking for - feedback to see where I needed to work on.

The actual thread is here, although the recording has been taken down now
Old UG 'harsh' vocals thread

I've now managed to get a recording down of a different song, something I feel that I can do better because of the vocal range involved. It's At the Gates 'Slaughter of the Soul' - same thing as last time - Friend works at a small studio, mic straight into Pro Tools, and not mixed or anything. Feedback once again! Thanks!

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Still sounding out of breath. However, IIRC I'm hearing some definite improvement from the original track.

With some compression/delay/leveling, this would probably fit ok. That's not a hit on you, but you can tell it's dry, and dry screams are usually pretty gross ha!

Anyway, keep working at it, I am certain there has been improvement.

As a tip, try this: Try creating the illusion of holding your breath. It's weird to describe, but try and hold your air in your diaphragm and only use enough to get the distortion. In doing so, you should have a sound that's more refined with more duration on it.

In any case keep putting up the tracks!
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Oh shit I didn't realize there was a reply

I can't remember what take this work, but I do remember my friend who's recorded a couple of bands said that you can tell where there's gaps and out of breathe stuff. Unsure if it's the songs or just me needing to sort out where to breathe. By 'holding your breath' do you mean ... like ... keep the sound going down the mic to make it last longer? ... Not sit there and stop hiccups hold breathe? And also what do you mean by dry? Just sounds a bit raw and rough?

This too is also an odd question and I guess might not be related to anything music related. I'm going to the gym more and more now, just for personal reasons, I'm not overweight or anything, but again, just want to improve body - Would things like running and all that improve vocal duration? I know there's a lot of 'big' vocalists out there who don't need to as I guess they've just trained their vocals to that point. But by improving stamina it would make sense that I wouldn't need to catch my breathe so often ... right?

Thanks again!
Taking care of your body can only do good things for your vocals, including stamina.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.