Lately i've been feeling that i sound really awful and it's made it difficult to motivate myself to practice. I knew something was wrong (technique i assumed) but i didn't know what. I eventually realized that the bass notes were too prominent - asked myself why that might be and I started investigating. I lowered the pickup on the low E side and now it sounds much better.

So I've gathered that I've finally trained my ear enough to hear the difference that a height adjustment can make. I've tracked down some measurements - so i can do that for myself. I'm not a measurement kind of guy - I'd rather train my ear as I dial in a good height for my pickups. My question - are there any potential problems if i adjust too high? Too low? Too - uh - lopsided?
I did some hight adjustement with my pickups in my Höfner Galaxie. It was horribly adjusted when I got It. I never did that befor so I just tried out different settings and relied on my ears, like you did. Since this is a guitar with three pickups I was especially annoyed by the hight of the middle one. It always catched my pick, therefor I had to lower it. I also realised thet the tone became too weak and fragile when the pickup was too far away from the string and too distorted and dirty (in a bad way) when it was very near. I could also imagine that a highly magnatic pickup would hinder the string from swinging if it is too near to the pickup. Since every pickup is different I can hardly imagine that ther is a fix formula on how to adjust it. I guess you have to rely on how it sounds.
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