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Line6 M5
3 75%
Line6 Floor Pod plus
0 0%
Boss GT-6
0 0%
Zoom G7.1ut
0 0%
Line6 pod 2.0
0 0%
Zoom 9030
0 0%
Art dst4
0 0%
Art SGX2000 Express
0 0%
Zoom G3
0 0%
Digitech RP-360
1 25%
Voters: 4.
Hi Music Lovers!

I'm currently putting together my gear, and I'm seeking some advice.

Current gear is:
- Guitars: Johnson Les Paul, 2007 Cort G260
- Amp: Johnson Blueline 50R
- Pedalboard: Rocktron Utopia Wah -> Marshall Guv'nor Plus; FX loop: Joyo Classic Chorus -> Joyo Digital Delay

I mostly play hard rock/rock/blues/metal, but I would like to have a versatility of tones at my feet

I want to have multiple gain stages (clean - rhythm - lead), so at first an OD/dist pedal suggestion would be great. I really like the Marshall tone, but feel free to suggest anything.

Plan "B": I'm also thinking about buying a multieffects unit (and keeping the pedalboard as another set-up). I never had a multifx, so I'm curious how it would work out for me.

I was looking at used stuffs, and since I don't have experience with these, any advice would be appreciated. I want my multifx to be reliable and to have good (quality) sounds.

The stuffs I was looking at are:
- Line6 M5
- Boss GT6
- Zoom G7.1ut
- Line6 floor pod plus
- Line6 pod 2.0
- Zoom 9030
- Art dst4
- Art SGX2000 Express

Again, feel free to suggest anything.

Rock On!
Most of those are toys. Guess I'd go with the m5.
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thanks for the comment! I'll definetly think about it!
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I really like the clean tone of the amp. And I usually use just that, the od channel has got a bluesy - crunchy vibe to it, but not the best indeed. But I might consider replacing it. Any suggestions?
Jsx or jcm 2000 dsl would be the amps I would suggest.
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Quote by loki_lulamen
Jsx or jcm 2000 dsl would be the amps I would suggest.

Quote by monwobobbo
budget and location would help. also more specifics on what you want.

I don't want to specifiy any budget, I'm just looking for ideas, to enhance my sound (money is another thing, it just a question of time to save up if I decide on a more expensive gear). So I'm open to any suggestions.

At first I thought I just want a pedalboard (and I can do a lot of stuff with my current set-up), but I would like to combine effects without having to tap dance.

Basically I'm want to have approx. 8-10 different sound. These are based around Hard Rock / Blues sounds and clean of course. I like reverb and a little bit a delay under the rhythm parts to give space to the sound. I also like chorus for cleans, and on the OD, just to give it a nice 80's feel. For the solos a little bit of boost, and more delay.

The main effects I like are reverb, delay, chorus (and any combination of these).

And perhaps I'd experiment with pitch shift, or an octaver.
blues based hard rock doesn't really require a bunch of fx. I play a ton of 70s hard rock stuff and my live setup is only overdrive, wha, delay and phaser. my main amp is a Peavey Ultra which is a 3 channel amp. just by combining the overdrive with any of the 3 channels gives me a bunch of tones. the wha gives me even more options. wise use not quantity is the best way to go with fx.
I can only go on my own experience. I have had several multi effects pedals over the past 20 years starting with an Ibanez PT3 in the 90's which was great at the time (it's still collecting dust on a shelf in my home studio). I moved on about 2003 to a Boss ME-30 that I used a lot for several years. I then made the mistake of buying a Zoom pedal (don't remember the modal). I didn't have it more than a few weeks. It was very noisey and hissy and the OD and distortions were awful (thin and whinny to my ears). I then got a Boss ME-50 and am now looking at the ME-80 which can be had on Ebay at a reasonable price. The thing I like about the Boss ME pedals is that you can make changes easily because it has realtime knobs and not just some hard to read LED display with virtual knobs. The sounds are consistanly good and the ease of programming allows quick changes.
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