Can anyone explain to me why we're all stuck in the dark ages of GP5? I am pretty sure 7 will be on it's way soon enough and no one has even started using 6... I would post my stuff but no one can actually give them a listen because I'm apparently the only person who uses 6 :S WHYYYYYY!?!
Its like asking why most people still prefer Windows 7 when Windows 8 has been out for ages: Sure it runs faster, but it has a bunch of incredibly unnecessary stuff we don't need or want, and the things it changed has made the program just generally less usable. It also has pretty much no backwards compatibility.

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Getting rid of the number tabs for drums makes writing drums awful. Fighting against tech is not a good way to write music.
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I currently use GP6 but it's understandable why a lot of people haven't switched to it... for starters the MIDI (non-RSE) mode is a buggy piece of crap and the interface changed a lot.
Gp6 is just inferior and **** the new interface
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