So I've been using a Mesa Dual Rectifier in my band for a few years now, and I love it. Recently a buddy lent me his EVH 5150III to play with, and it's an amazing amp, but it didn't have that girthy snarl that I was used to with the Dual Rec, but it did have an amazing clarity and tightness that I loved. So I decided to run them in stereo. Now that was a mistake on my part because it was basically the greatest tone I have ever heard in my life and now I have my heart set on adding a 5150III into my rig. And here lies my problem...

I need all 3 channels on both amps to switch simultaneously. I want both cleans on at the same time, both leads on at the same time, and so forth. I would also like to run them through stereo effects, so I run one amp through the left side and one amp through the right side of every pedal, then to their own respective cabinets. And I would like to control all of the effects and channel switching with one foot controller on the ground. This is a common setup I have seen numerous times, but I have never dabbled with anything midi or any of the controllers or stuff like that.

I assume I'm going to need a Voodoo labs ground controller and a GCX switcher. Both amps use midi footswitches, is there a product that can just plug straight in with midi? Are there any cheaper products on the market to achieve the same result? At the moment I only run a few pedals in the loop for cleans only and I will probably be replacing them with a TC Electronics G Major when I build this new rig. Does anyone have an idea of how I can do this with the least amount of products? I would like to try to save money where I can. Thanks!
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I personally wouldn't bother doing it. Not with big high powered amps at least. To me it seems like overkill. Anyway, it might be possible to use a midi controller like the Tech 21 Midi Mouse to send a command and split the signal in two with something like a Midi Solutions Thru splitter. This would cost only about $150. In theory it should work.

If you want to control your effects too then look into a midi compatible bypass looper like a One Control OC10 or Musicimlab EFX MKIII instead. You'll still need to split your midi signal.

However, if you're planning on getting the G Major you'll only need a midi foot controller to select presets on it and have the amps plugged into it by splitting the midi out or thru.

I hope this helps. Hopefully someone with more experience with midi can chime in.
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