daft questions as the obvious answer is yes, the question i should of asked really is would anyone mind doing a tab for me which is purely done by ear as far as im aware.

iv scoured the internets for the tab and all i can find is some strummed acoustic chords and not the electric part i want.

now some of the guitar part is in synthesizer so it would need adapting i guess but anyways the song i want is.... drum roll..............................

metric - speed the collapse...... yeh i know its not a face melting metal anthem from the very depths of satans collection but hell i wants it i loves it and i neeedss the precioussssss


this is a cover iv found and that is the tab i wants, iv messaged, tweeted and tried what i can to contact the user but nothing.

the part i want is all the electric , trem part, power chord part and that awesome embellished solo part... if anyone could be of service that would be super duper awesome and i would be eternally greatful.
God man how hard can it be? Not only can you hear the parts but you can *see* what frets she's playing!
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see if it was that easy a few things could of happened here... 1 - you could of kept your opinions to yourself as they are no help whatsoever , 2 - you could of been helpful and maybe tabbed it out , but you didnt instead you took the time to not only come in here but also take the time to make it known that your of no help whatsoever . or 3 actually thought to yourself, if this guy could follow what was being played, and tab from ear, then he wouldnt of been asking for help....
well the first part of the song, I'm hearing:

Then run up: D F G A

then G F A

hope that helps a bit