Just wanted to share some pics of my superstrat build, still lot of work to do but it's getting shape.. More specs in the picture captions:

Random making-of-video:

As you can see, I use also my DIY cnc mill here

Hardware will be Schaller made (Floyd rose + machine heads), one humbucker only on the bridge (still undecided which one to use).

Here's my earlier explorer project from few years ago:

Mikko from Finland
That's some sick craftsmanship you've got. That explorer in particular is gorgeous. I take it you're a professional? Also, that cnc mill looks pretty awesome. How DIY is it?
very nice
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I take it you're a professional?

Thanks for your kind words. I'm 100% hobbyist but let's say woodworking is very close to my heart as a hobby. I made my first "guitar" at age of 5 That's 24 years ago. But when counting "real" guitars, this strat build might be fourth guitar.

Also, that cnc mill looks pretty awesome. How DIY is it?

THIS diy

And here's some more CNC works from the past six months. Almost everything you can see are made for customers, custom temperature meters for Finnish sauna etc.:

As you can see I'm also intrested of machine building. I do mechanical desing engineering for living but graduaded mechatronic (automation) engineer 5 years ago.
I saw some sweet ass machinery in the vid I could only dream of having in my parents' garage, so for a hobbyist you're doing pretty well. Good tools make all the difference in these projects.
But you actually designed and built a cnc mill all by yourself. That's truly awesome. Did you program it yourself too, and do you have any idea what its accuracy is? Either way, tonight I'll raise a glass in your name. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this build. Keep it up!
Did you program it yourself too, and do you have any idea what its accuracy is?

Theoretical resolution of this machine is 0.005mm / 0.000197" (smallest step that machine can move). Measured repeat accuracy is about 0.01-0.015mm.
I use EdingCNC software and USB board for controlling, CAM programming done mainly with Vectric softwares.
That looks beautiful so far! I look forward to seeing the finished result ^_^
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