Hey man, OMG, it sounds great as always! Your technique is really precise and smooth, I'm pretty sure that if you continue this way, you're going to be a famous guy, seriously dude.

P.s. What audio interface do you use? as always, the tone is great and I'm pretty sure you are using a good audio interface.... Guitar Rig doesn't sound that good usually!
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Thanks for the kind words bro, they're much appreciated

I'm pretty lazy about tweaking the presets... So yeah I'm still using Guitar Rig 5 on this one, the same preset as I used for my Games of Thrones video. I maybe increased the treble knob a little bit, but that's all I did ^^"
I know you used Guitar Rig, I'm talking about the audio interface/ sound card you use to plug your guitar into your computer!
This was awesome man! I ****ing love Hearthstone too haha. I'd be playing right now if it wasn't for weekly maintenance
Thanks vayne92

Ludo950 Oh right, sorry ^^" I plug my Guitar in a M-Audio Fast Track, it's kind of a low price sound card but hey, it serves its purpose