What pedals should I use to play hotel california solo??
my guitar is a stratocaster. amp is a very primary fa-15. doesn't have reverb or dist fx.
thank you
You mean the harmonized arpeggios? To play it by yourself you'll need a harmonizer, but finding a good one might cost you bank. A bit of overdrive, delay, and reverb will help as well. I also hear a flanger/phaser, particularly during the singular lines.

If you don't have any pedals, get a decent multi-effects. The DigiTech RP-155 (or the 255/355 upgrades) are reliable and cheap and also has a harmonizer, but that harmonizer isn't something I'd use live without a lot of tone work, although the 355 seems to have a higher quality harmonizer.
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^ fuzz maybe more than od. how that'd sound through a solid state practice amp, though, i dunno, an overdrive may well be better for that.
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whatever it is, a lot of mids are involved. fender style american voiced amp, and a od with mids.
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I believe a Tele and a Strat were used for those solos. A lot of the tone comes from the amp, which your amp will not get. You might get something you like on your rig, but you won't nail that tone with that amp and any pedal combination.

It's far more important to nail the music and the fell than simulate that tone.

Example: a great player, that can nail those part, will sound good and impressive on your amp and a strat with no fx or anything else. A lesser player on Don Felder's rig will sound worse than the first guy.

I'd love to tell you about a magical pedal that will do it, but it doesn't work like that.
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Watch you tube videos of Don Felder and Joe Walsh playing the song. Felder is playing his white Gibson double neck and Joe Walsh plays a Tele. I don't know if that's what was used on the recording but the live "Hell Freezes Over" tour video sounds perfect. Felder plays a lot on Les Paul guitars. I also agree with dgonz. It's not about any pedal. Felders sound to my ears is just a little amp gain and great playing. Felder could play this lead on anything and sound decent because he is one those highly underrated players.
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Don Felder recorded Hotel California lead tones (and basically everything else he played on the Eagles' albums) with a 1959 Gibson Les Paul straight into a cranked up 5E3 circuit fender deluxe amp, both of which are seen as something of a "holy grail" these days.

Joe Walsh used a Telecaster, his lead guitar tones have a phaser effect on them throughout. I couldn't possibly make an educated guess as to what amp he used or what specific phaser he used, but again, it sounds like he's getting the tone mostly by cranking up the amp. (Listening now, I think the amp is a marshall... The overdrive quality is a quite "crunchy")

The lead guitars at the end have a subtle (and barely audible in the overall mix) delay effect on them, which I suspect was added in post-production.

The closest you'll get with FX pedals is with overdrive, phaser and delay, basically. It'll get you in the same ballpark, but it's not going to magically make your gear sound like that.. If there was a pedal that could emulate the tone of a '59 les paul and a 5E3 deluxe through any guitar and amp, a lot of guitar and amp companies would be out of business by now, i suspect
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