Kinda loving this, definetly reminds me of Super MArio RPG, the sax line is pretty sick, its like you created game sound effects and incorporated them into one hectic song. The line around 1:40 is especially good and I LOVE the ooh and ahh kind of chorus lines. Definetly some boss battle RPG shit and I love that kind of stuff.


Awesome! Nothing less. Definitely got the 8-bit mario style feel, although the speed of it sorta gave me a Wipeout vibe as well. The only critical thing I would say is, it felt a bit too long - towards the end I was loosing interest - UNTIL that final bit at the very end - pure genius! Best ending ever! All goes quiet, then BAM! I nearly choked on my drink when that came on.

It's been a long day and I needed a lift. Nobody can hear that and not feel good.

Cheers man!
Thanks for the feedback everyone
I listened to and commented on your link mr owen and I just turned on your EP mr badger, Il leave you a comment on soundcloud most likely.

I feel like I have a personal comment on my own song, I feel like it would benefit from a catchy melody, just to give the song a personality, and I think everyone can benefit from adding in a little, beatles like, memorable melody that sticks and solidifies the song, it pleases the listener. I was so focused on programming stupid solos when I should have made 1 or 2 melodies and incorporated them into each solo, and i feel like it would have given everything more definition.