Hello. Please tell me about your old (not unwashed) clothes.

I was talking to a friend about my clothes today and when I mentioned that I have swim suits that are 8 years old and underwear and jeans and dresses of the same age she sent me a string of emojis that look like they found out that someone died. I never really thought about how old my clothes are, but I did today and I still don't think it's weird to have clothes that old. I guess it's odd to think about how my clothes from when I was 13 still fit me now as a 21 year old though. It might be less weird if stuff from now fits me when I'm 30. Is it like a half your age plus two thing?

oh well

the old never bothered me anyway

So anyway I ran a mental inventory and realized that I have some really old stuff. Mainly socks and t-shirts (which were all free and used as sleep shirts at the time) from when I was 6, and earrings from when I was 2. BUT the oldest items I have are an embroidered vest from the 70's which used to belong to my mother, and a shirt from the 1964 which my grandma sewed for my father.

I don't have old shorts and shoes. My oldest shorts are from when i was 14 and all of my shoes were bought within the last 5 years because shoes wear out pretty fast. Until 2 weeks ago I had a pair of Birks which lasted 9 years but the strap finally broke so I bought (sorry, invested in) a new pair. Most of my dresses are fairly new as well.

your turn!
I don't often buy new pants/jeans, so most of them are at least a few years old. I have one pair of jeans that my dad used to wear that's probably from '89 or something.

I've got a few other old pieces of clothing, I only really throw stuff out if it's (severely) damaged or doesn't fit anymore. Over the years I've also gotten a lot of stuff handed down to me by my dad/older brother.
The only things I buy on a "regular" basis (which for me is with intervals of at least several months) are button-down shirts. That's because I like button-down shirts.
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I couldn't even name most of the new clothes I own, let alone the old ones - though I've outgrown most of the clothes I've owned throughout my life so I'm guessing most of them were either given to family friends with younger children or donated.

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There's nothing wrong with old clothes! People are so wasteful. I keep clothes until they're ruined, basically. I'm 23 so I don't have many clothes I wear now that are more than 5 or 6 years old though, just because obviously I've changed a lot physically and in my tastes since I was a teenager.

I buy most of my clothes from charity shops though, so I imagine I have a lot of old stuff. The only one I know for sure is a jacket I bought that has the label inside from when it tailor made for someone. The "date delivered" is in 1985. It looks pretty much unused - I guess the guy who had it made didn't like it.
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I have this sweater that I bought 5 years ago when I was visiting London. It was hand crafted by a guy that had a stall on a market in Camden, and I absolutely love it to bits. It has holes all over but I still wear it a lot.

I know it's a long shot, but perhaps there are any Londoners on here that might actually know the guy I'm talking about? He kinda made baggy sweaters and shirts and he was walking around the market with his headphones on all the time. I would love to buy more of his craftings if I ever find him again.
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I have t-shirts that I still wear that are eleven years old. The missis gives me shit about wearing old clothes, but will then buy a brand new top that's been designed to look old.

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I wouldn't know how old a shirt I can fit into. Probably 15 (I'm 23).

But usually I just end up stop wearing new clothes after 2 or so years maybe.
My dad donates stuff to the Salvation Army all the time so every 6 or so months, I'll take them out and donate it.
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Most of my clothes are pretty new. I have some older basketball shorts, but nylon is indestructible so they pretty much look like they did new.

I also have this Red Sox t-shirt from 6 years ago that must have been made by a witch or something because it still looks pretty new. It's a little faded but that actually makes it look better.
some of my shoes are so old that i walked off the entire grip sole..

apart from that, my clothes are between 1 and maybe 8 years old
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I have a few t shirts that are probably 10 years old or more. Most of my clothes are newer (no more than 2-3 years old at most), mostly due to losing a fair bit of weight, and my style changing a bit.
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I have a shirt with a 2000 copyright on it. It's bright purple and is from the local "don't do drugs" program from my elementary school. The perfect shirt to wear while doing drugs.

I just tried to Google some images of it (because the program was hilariously silly), but apparently the program must've been really small time and local, because I can't find a damn thing.
I have vintage dresses and coats, and I've saved a few of my mom's old outfits from the 80s.

Other than that I try and get rid of any old clothing. I like to keep only what I wear. I have a few shirts from high school still, but only because they're in good shape and I wear them. My husband has OCD and ADD and he's an architect so extra clutter isn't exactly helpful to his lifestyle, or mine honestly.
Every summer and winter I hold a clothing swap at my house where ladies can come bring the clothes they don't wear and trade with other ladies for stuff. Whatever doesn't get taken is donated. After doing this for the past couple of years, I've rid of most everything that I don't currently wear. Makes my closet happy.
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I don't think I ever threw/gave away any of my t-shirts from since I was 13/14 ( I'm currently 23 ). I probably gave away 4 or 5 and saved a couple others for my sleeping attire. I didn't grow up that much in size ( 1,69m ) so, at worst, some of them just are a bit tighter than others. Same thing for underwear, which I found out to have a fairly long longevity. Socks don't last as long; same thing for jeans.

My dressing style didn't change a lot since I was 15; at best, I started wearing more types of clothes, so I only increase my choices.

I honestly don't get those people who buy a piece of clothing and then wear it 3 or 4 times before getting tired of it. It never happened to me, so...

I have a pair of Nike sneakers that are probably 8 years old. They look old but I still like them. I only have 4 or 5 sneakers and they're all I wear, so I think they stand up against the test of time quite well.
Yeah, i have ton clothes from middle school (12-14), that I still throw on when im home and not going anywhere. They are small as hell or really faded/messed up.

I remember when i was 11-12 i didn't care about style or fitting, so i would just buy graphic tee's without even trying them on. Most of them were a size too big, so wearing them no is like perfect haha.

I only buy new clothes when i need them/don't have them. I try to buy clothes i can picture myself wearing for the next 5 years, so like button up shirts, khaki pants, neutral colors, etc.
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i wear all my clothes for as long as possible.

some of my clothes i wore from 8th grade up until about 4 years ago when i gained weight after dropping out of college.

i still keep some of my favorite band shirts that i had to retire. last year i had to face the reality that i really can't fit into a medium anymore, but my Descendents shirts are still in the closet and i look at them every now and then and run my fingers through their many holes and cry a little.