I live in london and have gone to Denmark street plenty a time looking for Ibanez guitars and have found none. Do you guys know of a Ibanez dealers in london?
wembley guitar centre stocks ibanez, but it's not really in central london either
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Disclaimer: I've never been to London. My girlfriend was raised there, so all of this information is from her. She does not, however, play any Ibanez and never had any interest in them.

In London, Denmark Street Guitars might have a few. If she remembers correctly, Electrohill didn't have too many choices.

After moving there, she preferred to go outside of central London to go to a shop. Anderton's and GuitarGuitar were her favorite because of the massive selections. Webley Music Centre was good, too.

EDIT: "I didn't realise you'd gone to Denmark Street already. I mostly I went to Wembley whilst I was there. I lived in Hampstead, so it was close. There were loads of guitars there, I imagine they stock Ibanez. Wembley could have been my favorite shop. Knowing where you are in London might help."
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